Charamida located near the town of Mytilene, around 12 km from the airport of Lesvos "Odysseas Elytis". Charamida one of the most beautiful parts of the island, combining mountain and sea.
During the summer season is well known for its beautiful and clean sea. The beach is one of the most organized on the island with canteens and beach bars, so that you can spend a pleasant time and enjoy swimming. This makes Charamida an attractive summer destination for many young people and families and people who want to spend their time doing swimming.

In winter Charamida attracts travelers to explore the near by mountains with activities like mountain trekking, biking trails and horse riding.

Another winter activity in the Charamida beach is the "Scuba diving". The Charamida beach during the winter is a destination for many people who want to dive, as it is the most appropriate beach for such activities.


St. Hermogenes

This small bay holds one of the lesser known beaches of the island but one of the most beautiful.

With crystal green water (which get their color from the trees that surround the bay), St. Hermogenes enchants visitors who want to enjoy swimming in this quiet corner of the Lesvos island.






Beach "Niseli"


In the "Watermelon" Canteen at the Niseli beach, just before  Charamida, you can enjoy iced coffee and snacks. This is a relatively quiet beach, but not lacking in beauty and clean waters.